Speed demons flock to Mountain Cross Cart course

Mountain Cross CartNorth America’s first ever Mountain Cross Cart (MCC) course is open for business in Sun Peaks, and locals and visitors are enjoying the experience as they race to record their fastest time
SPIN took a cart out for a spin shortly after the track opened for visitors, spending four laps on the course trying — and ultimately failing — to break the North American MCC record.
MCC lift operator Richard Barlow helped outfit me with a helmet and load me into the cart, giving me a quick safety briefing before pushing me to the bottom of the Village Platter lift, which is now fitted with straps to tow the carts uphill.
At the top of the hill, lift operator Ashley Watkins gave me a wave and offered me a few pointers. As I reach the crest of the hill, the cart automatically disengages from the lift and I’m off.
The top half of the course is a bit more technical, with tighter corners and steeper pitches, before opening up on the lower half. I’m told that maintaining speed before the lower half is crucial if I want to record a solid time.
My first lap isn’t too bad. I reach the bottom successfully and with a not-unimpressive time of just under 1:10:00.
“I think you can get under 1:05:00,” Barlow tells me. “Try it again.”
My next lap isn’t too successful. Feeling more confident in the course, I take a few corners too fast, bouncing into the tire barriers, nearly spinning out, and killing my speed.
By lap three I’ve gotten more familiar with the course and I set my best time of the day — 1:04:97. A good outing, but still several seconds behind the fastest recorded time, 1:00:06, set by lift operator John Marquis.
Aidan Kelly, director of sales and marketing for Sun Peaks Resort LLP (SPR), said the feedback for the new attraction had been great.
“Everyone getting off the MCC seemed to have a huge smile on their face,” Kelly said.
“The course takes a little bit of getting used to, but it’s definitely an exciting attraction to add to the mix here in Sun Peaks. It’s been great for adding a bit of extra animation around that part of the resort.”
Erik Meertens, mountain operations manager for SPR, said there were still a few kinks to iron out.
If a car spins out, operators must stop the Village Platter lift and quickly drag the cart back on track before the ride can resume.
“Being a new product, there are a few wrinkles to iron out. The challenge is that we are telling people to go as fast as they can, but if they go too fast and spin out, it stops the fun for everyone,” Meertens said.
“It’s definitely a great new attraction and we are delighted with it.”
The Mountain Cross Cart course is open from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. Tickets are $25 for four laps. Guests must hold a valid drivers’ or learners’ licence.

Visit the Sun Peaks Resort website for more information.
Times to Beat:
SPIN Speeder (Cale Hill) – 1:04:97
NASCAR Legend (Jason White) – 1:01:35
North American Champ (John Marquis) – 1:00:06