Sports Centre pool closed for winter

Swimming PoolA shortage of customers and high operating costs will see the Sun Peaks Sports Centre swimming pool remain closed for the winter season.

The Sports Centre, which falls under the provision of Tourism Sun Peaks (TSP), will reopen in the summer months.

Christopher Nicolson, president of TSP, said the pool was not seen as a “motivating” attraction to bring visitors to Sun Peaks during the winter months, and was simply not being used enough to warrant continued operations.

“Skiing, snowboarding and other winter activities are the prime reason people are visiting, and according to our research and feedback from guests, the swimming pool isn’t a priority for guests,” he said.

“For people who really want a pool on their visit to Sun Peaks, there’s still a hotel with a pool.

‘Nothing in our research suggests that having a swimming pool will help Sun Peaks to grow as a destination for winter visitors.”

Nicolson said the swimming pool was “a long way” from generating enough funds to cover its operating costs during winter, and has only remained open in previous years thanks to a subsidy from TSP and support from several hotels.

“TSP has been subsidizing the swimming pool with up to $60,000 annually for many years, but the loss is exceeding that,” Nicolson said.

Nicolson suggested that subsidy could be put to better use elsewhere as part of TSP’s mandate to attract visitors to the resort.

Growth and development of Sun Peaks may also have contributed to the decline in the pool use in recent years.

“The pool was opened in the mid-90s because we needed activities for guests. Come 2014, there is a whole plethora of other activities,” Nicolson said.




  1. My wife and I were very disappointed to find out the pool was closed. We use it every time we ski at Sun Peaks and it is one of the reasons we have bought seasons passes every year. We may make a different choice of ski hills next year.

  2. Disappointed to learn of the pool closure during the winter months. Glad I checked before ventured up the hill. This was my main reason to visit today. Wanted to show my 2 international students the hill and go for a swim. 🙁

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