Spring and change are in the air


Perhaps it’s true: the only constant is change. With spring around the bend it’s hard not to see recent events through the lens of cycle and renewal, which is how the news of Christopher Nicolson’s departure from Tourism Sun Peaks (TSP) strikes me—bittersweet and perhaps inevitable.

He is part of a group of dedicated individuals who have been here since the early 90’s when Sun Peaks had yet to be built on top of the foundations Tod Mountain laid. With his resignation he joins several of these people who have recently left executive positions, including retiree Jamie Tattersfield, head of mountain operations, and Joanne Foster, the resort’s former chief financial officer.

There are only a handful of resort staff, independent business owners and municipal figures left who witnessed this community’s journey from empty lots to pristine village. And as time marches on, no doubt many more have retirement and other new plans on their horizons.

I had the pleasure of working directly with Christopher for three years in my position at TSP, and we relied on his historical perspective of the resort, his readings on the inherent politics this small village holds, and his views and goals regarding the strategic direction for the future of Sun Peaks every day. His knowledge and passion will be sorely missed. His departure is a reminder to soak in everything we can from similar individuals while they’re still active in our community.

I’d like to take this opportunity to personally thank Christopher for the role he played in the growth of this community, as well as for the role he played in the growth of my professional career, as I know he did for many others. We can look forward to his skills and experience transferring to his new industry leadership position as CEO of Canada West Ski Area Association and his continued residence and involvement in Sun Peaks. We at SPIN offer our heartfelt congratulations.

It seems we have reached a natural renewal point. Along with some new faces in several positions and a potential record breaking year, we are seeing two major community projects from the municipality and hearing whispers of another upcoming announcement. I say it often—it’s an exciting time to live and work in Sun Peaks.

This change in season is an opportunity to look around and thank those who have worked so hard to get us to this point and also to welcome new people, who can provide new and exciting ideas and perspectives to continue to grow and improve this mountain town.