Stay focused and be positive

Publisher's Note
It seems to me that more and more these days we’re being barraged by news that another recession is just around the corner, or that this or that economy or currency is going to wreak havoc with certain markets, or, to put it way out there, that the end of the world is actually coming on 12/21/2012.

While the world is certainly a changing place these days, look at the dictators and African thugs falling like dominos for example, is it really going to hell as many are predicting? I think if you truly look around your own world, the answer is “no.” Are times tough in many business sectors, like the tourist sector, that most of us depend on for our livelihood? Yes. Things certainly may not be as rosy as they were, say, six or even 10 years ago, but if you put it in true perspective, it could always be worse.
Being a cup-half-full person most of the time, I truly feel the key to success in life is staying positive when things are in a state of flux or when they’re not going exactly as we want. We can all do this.

This type of positive attitude not only makes us work harder when things are down, it also triggers the laws of attraction. Bad people attract bad people, good people attract good people, etc. The simple fact is that Sun Peaks as a ski resort, a community, or as a global tourist destination is only as successful as the attitude of the people that live and work here. If we all ran around like “Chicken Little,” declaring the end of the economic world as we know it, then that type of negative attitude would eventually prevail.

While skier visits and vacation spending per head may be down over past years, are the foreclosure wolves actually howling at the doors of every home and business in the community? I think not. All one has to do to judge the true success of Sun Peaks, and those that call it home, is hit the slopes and talk to the guests from far and wide. People love Sun Peaks and come back with their families year after year after year, and most say it’s the positive attitude and the friendliness of the locals that make the difference in where they’re choosing to spend their holiday dollars.

Now is the time, more than ever, to keep that positive focus and ride the wave it creates. Just stop for a second and actually think about it. We all have an amazing lifestyle that would turn most people on the planet green with envy and what, if anything, are you truly lacking in your life if you live and work in Sun Peaks? The winds of change are inevitable but if we all stay focused and positive on the products we deliver to our friends around the globe, we can all weather any storm.




  1. I moved from the lower mainland last June. The city became a noisy, polluted, over-crowded sprawl. People didn’t connect. It was always sit in traffic to go somewhere to sit in line behind people to get something.
    Sun Peaks was our goal and it took some time and some planning and some sacrifice but our lives are better for being here. We have made some terrific new friends. We are contributing within our new community although we still have to pinch ourselves, on occasion, when we step out the front door.
    Sun Peaks is a magical place and our attitudes reflect that back to the visitors and guests we serve. It does not get better than this and I am grateful every second of every day.

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