Staying consistent

Jason White at the ISM Raceway in Goodyear, AZ. (TKP-Photography/Tami Pope)

White keeps the pressure on in Phoenix

Competing in his second NASCAR Camping World Truck Series event and first oval race of the series Jason White headed to Phoenix, AZ on Nov. 10 with one goal in mind, to race consistently.

White is no stranger to the ISM Raceway, he used to watch his dad compete on the same track as a kid. That came full circle for him as he had his dad join him in Phoenix for his oval race debut.

“It was pretty neat to go back to that track and something, where I used to stand there as a kid with my eyes wide open watching to be able to get there and race on it, was pretty awesome,” said White.

Comparing the event to his last appearance in the series White said he was used to the speed of road courses but had to get the hang of the corners on the oval course.

“I thought it was absolutely mind-blowing keeping the corner speeds up was something that jumped out at me right away,” said White. “It was very humbling at first, but as I got used to it through the practice sessions I progressed. We were actually one of the most consistent speed trucks in practice,” he said.

Building on his progress White was the ninth most consistent in the second practice increasing his speed by five miles an hour. His pace increased again in a qualifier race and by the official race, White was able to turn his 10th lap half a second faster than his qualifying time.

“We did exactly what we set out to do. To learn and get faster and get better and get comfortable as we went and we obtained all those things,” he explained.

The race, however, wasn’t smooth sailing for White struggling with mechanical issues at 25 laps to go and taking a hit at 170 miles an hour he dropped to a lap behind the pack.

“I actually relate it to driving the Sun Peaks road on an icy winter night because when you feel (yourself) get sideways and lose control, it’s the same kind of scenario you’re just going a lot faster,” he explained. “It’s the same reactions that you have when you’re driving on a snowy or an icy road your natural instincts take over and you correct.”

Able to correct and keep the truck off the wall White finished 24th out of 32 competitors. Now finished racing for the season he already has his sights set on attaining his next goal racing at Daytona, FL. As NASCAR has a track graduation process, White will look to compete in the ARCA series to earn certification to compete at Daytona in the Truck Series.

“If you’ve made it to Daytona as a race car driver it’s one of those things you’ve accomplished some pretty awesome goals.”

White was proudly racing with Reaume Brothers Racing and was sponsored by, Zimmer Wheaton GMC and Powder Ventures Excavating.