Strengthening a commerce connection

Sharma re-elected to Kamloops Chamber 

Sharma, fourth from the right in the back row, stands with the 2017 directors and executives of the Kamloops Chamber of Commerce. | PHOTO SUPPLIED

Though geographically close, there can be a distance between Sun Peaks and nearby Kamloops that is hard to explain.

It’s that gap the manager of the Sun Peaks Grand Hotel and Conference Centre, Vivek Sharma, is trying to narrow. Recently re-elected to the 2017 Kamloops Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors, and the only Sun Peaks representative, Sharma said he’s working build a connection between the two centres and to foster relationships with members of the business community.

“We are under-represented in Kamloops. And I am introducing myself as Vivek from Sun Peaks, not Vivek from the Sun Peaks Grand Hotel.”

He was a member of the Kamloops Chamber of Commerce for a few years before becoming a board member in early 2016.

“I’ve always been a member, it’s a great networking opportunity. And it’s good to create awareness for the hotel and destination.”

But more than improving the name of the hotel or village, Sharma sees his position as an opportunity to learn. While he may not return to school, he can keep learning through the chamber.

Vivek Sharma sees his role as a way to represent Sun Peaks and give back to the community. Photo Supplied

“That’s what is most exciting, it’s a learning environment. We contribute time and get better at what we do and as human beings. We talk about important things that affect day to day life in the communities.

“It’s also important to continue learning by integrating and interacting with people from different spheres of business. I wanted to do it personally to understand the different businesses and areas and get insights into other organizations.”

It’s also a chance to give back to the community. Sharma said as a manager his days are often jam packed and he can’t be the one volunteering to shovel sidewalks. Instead he can give back in his own way, acting as a representative of Sun Peaks as a whole.

“It is my way of giving back to the community. I can volunteer and help contribute to
the community.”

Sharma said he encourages business owners or managers at Sun Peaks to get involved in the Chamber.

“I would like to find more alignment between Sun Peaks and Kamloops. It’s about us being a part of Kamloops and them being a part of Sun Peaks.”