Summer activities get an early start

435Warm weather and early spring conditions have proven beneficial to several activity providers in Sun Peaks, who’ve been able to open for businesses sooner than expected.

According to Tourism Sun Peaks (TSP) horse riding, Segway tours, stand-up paddleboarding and canoe tours are among the summer activities which are either already up and running or expected to open in the next few weeks.

Sun Peaks Stables owner Robert Taylor said he was excited to get started earlier — in fact he began offering trail rides in late April, about six weeks ahead of schedule.

While it hasn’t been overly busy, Taylor said he’s already had several locals and guests come along for a trail ride.

“It’s been a great start. This time last year it was still pretty wet and snowy, but the trails have dried up incredibly well.”

Sun Peaks Stables will also be launching a 21-seater horse-drawn trolley towards the end of May, offering tours around the village on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings.

While Taylor offers a variety of trail riding experiences, he suggested Sun Peaks locals give his one-hour tour a try this summer.

“It’s a great introduction for anyone who hasn’t been on a horse before, or maybe hasn’t been on a horse for a while. It’s a great way to see Sun Peaks and it’s a lot of fun.”

Off-road Segway tours, run by Gemma Harris at Alpine Explorers, have also started running ahead of schedule. Last year’s tours began in early June, but Harris was able to start at the beginning of May this year.

“Having a whole extra month to drive business is awesome,” she said.

The early start has also allowed Harris to get a head start on expanding her tours.

“We’re hoping to offer some new routes this season. We’re currently planning them out — we have to get approval — but we’re able to get out and start that planning a bit earlier because of the weather.”

Voyageur Canoe Tours at McGillivray Lake are also set to begin shortly, while stand-up paddleboarding at Heffley Lake will start in June.

Christopher Nicolson, president of TSP, said the off-season was continuing to grow.

“One sign of Sun Peaks maturing is the number of activities going on in the off-season. In the past, there may have been virtually nothing going on, but now there are all these activities.”