Summer movie preview: Part 1

Hello movie lovers! Summer is coming and as surely as the natural seasons come and go, so do the movie seasons—blockbuster season is upon us. To get you prepared, I’ve put together a list of must-sees for the 2010 season and it doesn’t include seeing your personal trainer or the woman that waxes your bikini line.

The first shot out of the cannon is Robin Hood starring Russell Crowe and Cate Blanchett. Ridley Scott’s latest is already in theatres so no need to wait to take in this historical drama. Unlike many previous tellings of the Robin Hood story, Scott focuses on the history of the legend, making the film more about how Robin became the bandit of legend. While some reviews have been critical of the deviation from the usual “Merry Men” story I look forward to seeing a more serious development of the Robin Hood legend.

At the end of May, Carrie and the girls are back in Sex and the City 2. Die-hard fans will be lining up to get their Sex fix, and if you love fun clothes and exotic locales, you’ll love watching the girls as they jet off for a visit to the Middle East. I, for one, may wait for this movie to make its way to DVD. While I loved the series, I found the first movie to be like one big commercial and despite the fact that it cleared up many unfinished storylines, I was disappointed in the end. If you can’t wait for the DVD release the movie premieres May 27.

If you’re looking for a great political thriller, you may want to check out 8: The Mormon Proposition. This documentary delves into the story behind Proposition 8, the California bill that ended up overturning the right to gay marriage in that state in 2008. The film focuses on the sponsorship behind the bill and suggests that the push to pass the bill came from a small but vocal contingent of Mormon supporters in California. The film will be in limited release, so check your local listings on June 18.

Based on Inception’s trailer alone, I’m already enthralled. The latest from Christopher Nolan (The Dark Knight) has been kept tightly under wraps. The story centres on Leonardo DiCaprio’s character, a thief working in corporate espionage but there’s a twist: he steals dreams from sleeping CEOs. Aside from DiCaprio, the cast is packing a punch with several lesser-known but incredible actors: Ken Watanabe, Marion Cotillard, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Ellen Page. Inception hits theatres July 16.

Stay tuned for the next edition of Rave Reviews where I’ll preview the back half of the summer season. With so many great movies hitting theatres this season the summer is bound to be hot, hot, hot!




  1. I first saw 8: The Mormon Proposition at The Sundance Film Festival and it is worth seeing again and again. It is getting extended standing ovations at every festival it plays at and anyone feeling to criticize it should see it first. They will find as Variety’s review states: “8″ actually spends more time trying to humanize homosexuals than to demonize those who hate them.

    Linda Stay –

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