Sun Peaks Centre work slightly behind

Construction of the Sun Peaks Centre is well underway in the centre of the village. 

Work is around two weeks behind due to design delays according to Rob Bremner, chief administrative officer for Sun Peaks Mountain Resort Municipality.

But Bremner added crews should be able to make up time because many components have been premade and will only need to be assembled on site. 

The rink, dressing rooms and building should have a roof by fall to allow for more work to be completed through the winter.

7. A view of a new entrance facing West

Sun Peaks Centre

6. A view from behind a new building added onto the existing sports centre

Sun Peaks Centre

5. A fitness centre will be included in the facilities

Sun Peaks Centre

4. The covered rink as seen from the existing sport field

Sun Peaks Centre


3. The covered rink and dressing rooms as seen from the road

Sun Peaks Centre


2. Inside the covered rink