Sun Peaks earns the lion’s share

Karen Cowburn
Sun Peaks Alpine Club volunteer Karen Cowburn was awarded “Volunteer of the Year” at the BC Alpine Spring Meetings.

Sun Peaks, and the Sun Peaks Alpine Club were well recognized at the BC Alpine Spring Meetings in Kelowna this May. The meetings are an opportunity for the provincial ski racing community to gather and recognize some of the year’s top athletes, coaches, volunteers, clubs and officials.

“You should all know how proud you can be of your mountain, your club, and its members,” says past program director Johnny Crichton. “We took the lion’s share of the awards at the BC Alpine Spring Meetings!”

Karen Cowburn was awarded Volunteer of theYear, and James Clarkson was named Development Coach of the Year. Clarkson has recently taken over Crichton’s role as program director of the Sun Peaks Alpine Club.

Additionally, the Sun Peaks Alpine Club came out on top as Ski Club of the Year, and Sun Peaks Resort was recognized as Ski Resort of the Year.

“Many thanks to our mountain, our members and our partners,” says Crichton. “(This was) a great team effort! The province is recognizing what we are doing here at Sun Peaks, (and we’re) looking forward to a great season with James at the helm.”