Sun Peaks Elementary records highest student numbers yet

Student numbers continue to climb at the Sun Peaks school. - File Photo
Student numbers continue to climb at the Sun Peaks school. – File Photo

With the commencement of the new school year, the numbers are official: There are 72 Sun Peaks Elementary students, up from 54 last year. Once completely community-funded, the school is currently part of School District 73 which provides teachers for kindergarten to grade six.

According to Parent Activity Council chair Yolanda Dye, current principal Catherine Gorman has helped to connect Sun Peaks’ students to schools in Kamloops, taking advantage of events and other field trip opportunities in town. There they make new friends and connect with the
Kamloops community.

According to Dye, the goal for the new school year is to implement more arts and culture programming as there’s already a stellar physical fitness and outdoor curriculum which includes skiing, snowshoeing, golf and a slew of other outdoor adventures.

The school schedule runs Monday to Thursday from 8:30 a.m. to 3:45 p.m., with Fridays free to partake in an optional local ski program offered exclusively to Sun Peaks’ students.

“In this lifestyle community, this is not your typical school,” said Dye. 

This year there are also 22 students enrolled in Sun Peaks Secondary Academy (SPSA) from grades seven to 12. Using Kamloops Open Online Learning (@Kool) and hired independent educators, this facility remains completely dependent on community fundraising
and volunteering.   

“Keeping the secondary students schooled in Sun Peaks is equally important to the community,” said Barb Linder, president of the Sun Peaks
Education Society.

“Fundraising is key for the SPES as they continue to fund 100 per cent of the operational costs for the SPSA classroom.”