Sun Peaks Fire Rescue commended for life saving first response

Fire TruckThe B.C. Ambulance Service (BCAS) has commended the work of the Sun Peaks Fire Rescue (SPFR) service, following an incident in February which saw a patient entering into cardiac arrest.

SPFR provided CPR for more than 20 minutes and treated the patient with an automated electronic defibrillator (AED) on several occasions to save his life.

An internal email to the Sun Peaks Municipality shared the story, as told by a member of the BCAS crew who attended the incident*:

The call was a cardiac arrest. Among the many challenging and unusual circumstances surrounding this call was the successful resuscitation of the patient after the third shock of their AED, following an almost unbelievable time period of 20 to 25 minutes of CPR.

On arrival of the BC Emergency Health Services crews, the patient was conscious and talking. The patient remained quite unstable and re-arrested again en route and multiple times on arrival at the hospital.

I’ve always found the Sun Peaks Fire Department to be professional, and this case was no exception. Examples on this call were:

  • Knowing house numbers are hard to find with the large snow banks, a responder was waiting to direct us at the road.
  • Another responder was situated near the poorly lit, sloped driveway area approaching the home entry, directing us around the icy dangerous spots. This may not seem like much, but it’s huge when we’re carrying all the kits and equipment we carry in on an arrest call.
  • The hand off report was succinct and well thought out.
  • As always with Sun Peaks, all responders on this call wore their complete uniform and acted with a decorum not often seen by small or volunteer agencies.

I would like to see this agency recognized not only for their obvious commitment to professionalism, as I’ve seen many times, but particularly for their impact on this person’s life.

Though still quite critical when we left the hospital, this patient was receiving the urgent treatments he needed. The remarkable absence of any gross deficits, and the role the Sun Peaks Fire Department had in that outcome should be noted.

Without good CPR and the first responder’s treatments, we’d be clearly looking at a different outcome.

* Due to the sensitive nature of this story, Sun Peaks Independent News has agreed to respect the privacy and anonymity of all individuals involved in the incident. Our best wishes go to the patient and their recovery, and our deepest thanks go to Sun Peaks Fire and Rescue for the incredible service they provide to this community.




  1. Sun Peaks should be very proud of its Fire Rescue service, Four years ago being a recipient of their expertise and speedy attendance I too am only here today thanks to SPFR.

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