Sun Peaks Fire Rescue WEP 7 year anniversary

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhat do you give someone for their seven year anniversary? Let me clarify that, what do you give to a group of people on their seven year anniversary?

Back in 2007 I applied, and was accepted, to be part of the Sun Peaks Fire Rescue WEP (work experience program). It’s a great program that the Sun Peaks Fire Rescue department provides for people like myself who were wanting to become firefighters. The program is an eight month commitment of responding to fires, rescues and medical emergencies, as well as training two to three days a week, doing courses and hall duties just to name a few responsibilities.

Vancouver Fire and Rescue hired me after the program. I feel one of the main reasons I was hired was my involvement with the WEP.

My wife and I had our second son less than half way through the eight month program. So for two months I moved my wife, 18-month old son and my newborn son up to Sun Peaks so that I could complete my program and still enjoy the new addition to my family.

As I sit here and write this letter my mind is flooded with amazing memories of Sun Peaks – strolling through the village enjoying our hot chocolates and candy covered apples or soaking in the hot tub staring up at the millions of bright stars.

Happy Anniversary to Sun Peaks Fire Rescue WEP and all the wonderful, friendly people of Sun Peaks. Thank you all for your hospitality and letting me be part of your amazing community.

Kiko Pilas, Port Moody, B.C.