Sun Peaks Resort’s quest for top spot

guests (1)The race for the title spot in any industry is never easy, and no business should ever rest on the awards or accolades of the past. For Sun Peaks the vision has always been to “Provide the Finest Mountain Resort Experience in Canada” and that focus has never been clearer than now.

While Sun Peaks has won numerous awards and titles over the years in many different industry categories, Tourism Sun Peaks (TSP) feels now is the time to show that as a resort community Sun Peaks can provide the best guest experience of any ski resort in Canada. They have their eyes on taking the top spot from Whistler down the road.

To work toward this goal, TSP has held several day-long guest service workshops focusing on Sun Peaks’ business owners and front end staff. The Delivering the Promise and Reach the Peak sessions brought owners, staff and facilitators together to reinforce the community’s common vision and to show that, in the ski industry, bigger and deeper isn’t necessarily better.

Instead, it’s about focusing on the manageable variables within the ski business and refining them explains Christopher Nicolson, president of TSP.

“The (TSP) board looked at what we can control and what we cannot control, and decided that Sun Peaks being number one in guest satisfaction in Canada was something we can control. It’s about moving from good to great, realizing how we can get to number one and taking ownership of that vision,” said Nicolson. “If we own, nurture and collectively live the vision of being the best in Canada at customer service, and make that the core of our culture, we’re going to win.”

For Reach the Peak facilitator Anne Terwiel, the sessions were about taking another step up in the customer service realm.

“These sessions were about increasing our already fantastic customer service rating here at Sun Peaks and showing all the businesses and staff that we’re all small pieces of the puzzle and that the customers experience is really the whole puzzle,” says Terwiel. “It’s all about delivering high quality customer service across the board and going that extra bit further to provide all our guests with that level of experience while in Sun Peaks.”

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    Every time we visit, we find that all the Sun Peaks staff and the retail employees are all so happy, pleasant and so helpful. Well done and full speed ahead Sun Peaks – we love every minute of our time there!