Old Man Luedecke fun for folk fans

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On a chilly autumn day there’s nothing better than curling up on the couch and plunging into a good folk album. Old Man Luedecke’s Tender is the Night is the perfect accompaniment to a warm fireplace and a hot whiskey. Old Man Luedecke, who is really Chris Luedecke and not that old, is a folk artist from Chester, Nova Scotia. A Juno Award-winning musician, Old Man Luedecke has been pleasing fans coast to coast, … [Read more...]

Cardona lighthearted and forgettable


There’s a specific sound coming from the Canadian folk rock scene—there must be something in the water here that affects vocal chords and songwriting ability. That’s not to say that what’s coming out is bad, it’s all just very similar. Take the Windsor, Ont. folk rock band Michou, a quartet of good, soulful Canadian boys. Michou’s newest album Cardona, to be released in stores July 13, is as infectious as it … [Read more...]