Want to be my friend?


Kids are really much nicer than adults. Sure, toddlers are shockingly violent and vocal for their size (just imagine adults carrying on the way three-year-olds are wont to do), but that’s just a communicative plea, rather than an inherently mean streak. Adults can be inherently mean; or more often, simply disinterested and exhausted. Note, both … [Read more...]

I think it’s just called ‘marriage’

We used to call them “lady doctors”; today defining a doctor by gender is reserved for an aging generation, if not forgotten altogether. Fast forward 50 years, and we might feel similarly about defining partnerships as “same-sex” or not. It’s a good discussion to revisit with the recent debates in America on gay and lesbian couples’ right to … [Read more...]

Pack your bags — the cultural currency of sleepovers

Your child’s six years old and all they want to do is get away. “Can I have a sleepover?” is the weekly weekend mantra for many kids as they hit six, seven, eight years of age. Why is the sleepover such a cultural commodity? Well, a slumber party in a healthy and safe environment can be seen as a right of passage, or a dawn of a new … [Read more...]