Gosling guaranteed to please in The Ideas of March and Crazy, Stupid, Love

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While Hollywood seems to be awash in talented thirty-something actresses these days, finding a guy who can hold his own against a strong female lead is a bit harder. There are plenty of distinguished older gentlemen who have proven that they’ve got the chops to keep a saucy 30 year old in check. But the list of thirty-something men is uninspired. Except for Ryan Gosling. Whether it’s luck, or good choices, or being … [Read more...]

B.C. celebrates Kidney Month, promotes awareness

March is National Kidney Health Month in Canada and a perfect opportunity for British Columbians to learn more about the risks of kidney disease and the benefits of early diagnosis. Approximately one in thirty British Columbians has some level of kidney disease, and many of these individuals are not aware that they suffer from kidney disease because there are no early symptoms. "By increasing awareness of the … [Read more...]