Since we have it, why not use it?

We’ve been given a most amazing gift. We have, within each of us, a profound depth of wisdom and understanding that’s available to us in every moment and in any circumstance. And yet we all continue to settle for less. We accept as reality our experience of worry, anxiety or the other myriad of feelings that are simply a by-product of our insecure thinking. It’s only when we have the insight that our reality is … [Read more...]

The principles in action

In last month’s article we talked about some of the paradigm shifts that have occurred throughout our history. There have been many: from a flat earth to a round planet, from travel by land and sea to jet planes and rocket ships, the list goes on. What’s interesting about a paradigm shift is that the potential or principles underlying each advancement were already in existence from the beginning of time but … [Read more...]

Change your perspective; why not give it a shot?

From time to time some information comes along that seems to challenge our dearly held beliefs. Throughout human history there have been many examples. At one time it was believed that the Earth was flat. It must have been beyond comprehension that one could go to the limit of the horizon and not fall off the edge. It soon became common knowledge that in fact the Earth was round and a whole new world opened up. … [Read more...]

Catch and Release

Those of you who fish know all too well the concept of “catch and release.” As I was pondering the fact that we all, from time to time get “hooked” by thinking that doesn’t serve us, it seemed as if the idea of letting a thought go could be synonymous with a catch and release philosophy. It’s true that the less we hold onto a thought and do battle with it, the more likely it is that we can release it with … [Read more...]

The three “Rs” of relationships

When we talk about relationships we tend to think primarily of a significant other or partner. In truth we’re all involved in many, many relationships. From family and friends to co-workers, shopkeepers, service agencies, life might be seen as one enormous relationship. While we may give more time and attention to our families and friends, there are some basic dynamics that are integral to all our interactions. … [Read more...]