Catch and Release


Those of you who fish know all too well the concept of “catch and release.” As I was pondering the fact that we all, from time to time get “hooked” by thinking that doesn’t serve us, it seemed as if the idea of letting a thought go could be synonymous with a catch and release philosophy. It’s true that the less we hold onto a thought and do … [Read more...]

The three “Rs” of relationships


When we talk about relationships we tend to think primarily of a significant other or partner. In truth we’re all involved in many, many relationships. From family and friends to co-workers, shopkeepers, service agencies, life might be seen as one enormous relationship. While we may give more time and attention to our families and friends, there … [Read more...]

Achieving balance in our lives

June Earle

I think most of us would admit to wanting balance in our lives. While that probably means different things to different people, I think it’s safe to say that we all have experienced the feeling of “imbalance” from time to time. Whether it’s too much food and too little exercise, too much stress and too little sleep, too much work and too little … [Read more...]