Achieving balance in our lives

June Earle

I think most of us would admit to wanting balance in our lives. While that probably means different things to different people, I think it’s safe to say that we all have experienced the feeling of “imbalance” from time to time. Whether it’s too much food and too little exercise, too much stress and too little sleep, too much work and too little family time, the resulting feeling is the same, a feeling of being out … [Read more...]



One of life’s greatest pursuits is that of security. We imagine that we’ll feel secure if we have enough money, possessions, education, love, friends, praise or enough fame. With this as our focus we then set about to protect ourselves from feelings of insecurity by making sure we have enough of whatever we imagine will keep those feelings at bay. One problem with that perception is, “enough” is an elusive target … [Read more...]

Fatigue from the news blues


Every day we’re inundated with news from around the world, much of it alarming and frightening. So many commercials and newscasts portray images of tragic events and seemingly hopeless situations. How many times have you said (or heard someone else say) “I can’t watch this.” Often we feel so helpless and powerless in the face of AIDS in Africa or an oil spill in Louisiana or the plight of the seals. And … [Read more...]

I believe!

In the months leading up to the 2010 Olympic Games we’ve been inspired by the theme of “I Believe”. As I listened to the lyrics to the Olympic theme song, I began to think of their relevance for those of us whose goal was not the podium, but who faced some of life’s more pedestrian challenges. How to heal a difficult relationship? How to balance work and family? How to forgive and forget old hurts and live in a … [Read more...]

Looking at life through the friendship lens


“True friendship is a knot which angels’ hands have tied.” Unknown Recently I’ve been reminded, through a variety of circumstances, of the incredible value of friendships. This topic may seem like something of a departure from the Three Principles and the power of thought, which is normally the focus of this column. But maybe not! To have a friend and to be a friend is an amazing privilege. It can also be an … [Read more...]