WAZU brings metal, synths and a heavy dose of the 80s


Wherever this new wave ‘80s-tinged music trend came from, hopefully it sticks around for a while. If you loved Bowie and Depeche Mode from the ‘80s spun with a hint of Nine Inch Nails, layered over some metal undertones you’ll love WAZU. WAZU comprises Matt and Rizz, two Australian ex-pats currently situated in New York City, but making waves … [Read more...]

Are we ready for a new Chili Pepper?


Sometimes fear of change is justified, especially when it could mean poor album sales and the dissolution of a band. It’s hard to say at this point whether change for the Red Hot Chili Peppers (RHCP) is good or bad. The absence of John Frusciante in the Chili’s new release I’m With You is obvious and unfortunate. However, newcomer Josh Klinghoffer … [Read more...]

Beastie Boys’ long awaited album is hot!


Nothing brings a good time like a new Beastie Boys album—especially a long awaited one like Hot Sauce Committee Part Two. Hot Sauce Committee Part Two, released this May, was originally scheduled for release in 2009 but was delayed due to band member Adam “MCA” Yauch’s diagnosis and subsequent recovery from cancer. During the time more songs … [Read more...]

Muse may borrow but they certainly deliver

If you like a little of past, present and future in your alternative rock albums then grab a copy of The Resistance by UK band Muse. The band, known for deriving much of their sound from inspirations such as Queen and Radiohead, deliver a successful modern anthemic album full of catchy riffs, rebellious lyrics and classical ties. Muse shows … [Read more...]

Lambert’s first album a carefully constructed hit

The time has come—the release of the real favourite American Idol Adam Lambert’s album For Your Entertainment. For those whose eyes were stuck to the television with millions of other viewers during season eight of American Idol, it may have been a disappointment to see Lambert come second to the winner Kris Allen. The two are obviously at the … [Read more...]