Forgiveness — what does it really mean?


When I think about forgiveness I tend to think of the old adage, “forgive and forget.” In my mind, unless I could forget the transgression, however large or small, I hadn’t really forgiven the perceived offender. According to the dictionary, forgiveness means to excuse or to pardon. No mention of “forgetting.” Given that there’s now an … [Read more...]

Since we have it, why not use it?


We’ve been given a most amazing gift. We have, within each of us, a profound depth of wisdom and understanding that’s available to us in every moment and in any circumstance. And yet we all continue to settle for less. We accept as reality our experience of worry, anxiety or the other myriad of feelings that are simply a by-product of our … [Read more...]

Insight, the aha moment

When we talk about the “inside-out” nature of our experience I often imagine there are those of you who respond with “except in my situation.” That’s such an understandable response and one that we’ve all shared at one time or another. Because life feels as if it’s happening to us, from the outside in so much of the time, it’s easy to understand … [Read more...]

Catching the moment


One of the greatest challenges in our day-to-day lives is keeping our thinking in the present. We hear so much about “living in the moment” and the “power of now,” we can certainly accept intellectually what that means and its value in being present and aware more of the time. But at a deeper experiential level, what gets in our way? What is it … [Read more...]

Let’s simplify

Each month we’ve used this column to explore the principles behind life and our life experiences. Now is a good time to bring these ideas together and simplify the language around them. The three principles underlying our experience are mind, thought and consciousness. Mind refers to the pure formless energy, the universal creative intelligence … [Read more...]