Second Annual Banked Slalom a big success


The second Annual Bluebird Banked Slalom that took place on February 17 is being hailed as a success with 65 skiers and boarders competing down the new course on 5 Mile’s “Hully Gully.” Graham Rohrmosser of Kamloops won the open snowboard category and Sun Peaks local Kieran Nikula won the open ski category. Snowboarder Jess Kiesel made the trip … [Read more...]

Tourism B.C. launches 2012-13 ski marketing campaign

Powder skiing

As part of the North America ski campaign launch, Minister of Jobs, Tourism and Skills Training and Minister Responsible for Labour Pat Bell competed against Olympic Gold Medallist Ashleigh McIvor in a virtual ski race down a B.C. slope. The race, a motion-sensored video game, took place in a portable, glass-walled truck in downtown Toronto. … [Read more...]

Bamboo ski pole comeback


Everything old turns new again, and ski poles are no exception. First manufactured out of bamboo in the early days of skiing, ski pole construction switched to steel, and then aluminum in the late 1950s. Today poles can be made from any of these materials, or from more costly composites like carbon fibre or graphite. Or, they can be made from … [Read more...]