Staying fit for a smooth move into winter sports


Picture yourself out for your first ski of the season. Are you ready to pick up where you left off last year, or are you expecting to feel rusty, with painful muscle fatigue on the first run? With the right physical preparation you can have fun year-round and be ready to jump right into winter sports. Cross training provides a solid foundation … [Read more...]

Hop into Nordic skiing

Jackrabbit 2013-14_photo Phil Youwe

A children’s Nordic program that saw significant growth in participation numbers returns for the 2014/15 season. The Sun Peaks Nordic Club’s Jackrabbit program began with just nine participants, growing to 25 in its second year, and the club is hoping some new equipment will inflate those numbers further. “We’re very fortunate to have obtained a … [Read more...]

Intense summer training


It was a pretty successful season last year for the B.C. Ski Team. Four (out of six) male members moved onto the National Team and, of our three girls, two went onto university, one on a ski scholarship in Alaska, one on an academic scholarship. How do you make the provincial ski team? First thing is, you have to be from B.C., go figure! Next, … [Read more...]