Lessons learned in the backcountry

Photo: ctvnews.com

The following account of one woman's experiences while lost overnight in the Sun Peaks backcountry was submitted to SPIN for publication.  The author hopes her story will help others learn from her ordeal. Lost 3:30pm: I was heading to (Sun Peaks’ backcountry), Gil’s, for the 4th time of the day with my friend, Alex*. To get there you have to … [Read more...]

Food for the trails


As an avid mountain explorer I’m also an avid snack carrier. It’s tricky to maintain a proper diet spending so many hours on the snow, and so few at home in front of the stove. To stay in the game it’s important to learn some recipes for nutritionally beneficial snacks that will boost your vitals instead of crashing them. Carrying small … [Read more...]

Duff Invitational set to rip Sun Peaks

Chris Dufficy 1

Legendary Canadian snowboarder Chris “Duff” Dufficy seems to have a bit of Benjamin Button about him. While the man they call “King Duff” has amassed a list of achievements almost as big as his ear-to-ear smile in his 15 years as a pro, he’s still riding his heart out, training to be a firefighter and will be hosting the inaugural Rip Curl Duff … [Read more...]