Cleaning house


I hate to admit it wasn’t that much of a shock to me that after more than 80 years reporting community news, sports, obits, and ads the Kamloops Daily News (KDN) announced that it was no longer publishing a daily newspaper. Online competition, increased costs, decreased advertising revenue and market trends are just a few of the tag words used in the newspaper business to explain the newspaper cannibalism that … [Read more...]

Build it and they will come


Like any resort-based community, the pulse of Sun Peaks is dependent upon people from around the globe coming to the community, enjoying themselves while here and upon leaving, telling their friends what a fabulous time they had. They could be here for skiing, biking, a winter wine festival, a summer adventure race or just a weekend away. They could be here for a month, a week or just a day. We all know that … [Read more...]

Music Diva moves on

rikki snowboarding

The expression “all good things must come to an end” is apt as SPIN has to announce that freelancer, environmental writer and music diva, Rikki MacCuish, will no longer be writing regularly for the newsmagazine. MacCuish moved to Sun Peaks in 2007 and began writing for SPIN shortly thereafter. Over the years she’s interviewed some big names and cites some of her most memorable interviews as with folk artist Cat … [Read more...]

The principles in action


In last month’s article we talked about some of the paradigm shifts that have occurred throughout our history. There have been many: from a flat earth to a round planet, from travel by land and sea to jet planes and rocket ships, the list goes on. What’s interesting about a paradigm shift is that the potential or principles underlying each advancement were already in existence from the beginning of time but … [Read more...]

David Ward journeys through genres


Take a journey with David Ward—his 2012 album The Arrival is an enjoyable and eclectic trilogy of EPs that span Ward’s musical voyage and capability. The Arrival is Ward’s second album, following 2006’s Never Meant to Know, a big gap in production filled with Canadian and Japanese tours, filmmaking and other experiments. Ward, a theatre school graduate, also recently created the Wachu Concert Series, a monthly … [Read more...]