Looking at helmets — head on


To some it’s a personal issue, a matter of imposition on civil liberties, but as skiers and snowboarders take a look at the people near and far who’ve been impacted by snow sports related brain injuries many think it’s simply time to click in and get used to it. Impact to the head can be devastating on beginner terrain (Natasha Richardson), … [Read more...]

Hitting gates for over 20 years

FridayRaceSeries edit

Bode Miller, world cup alpine ski racer, said it in black and white terms, “Sometimes it’s all about the win, sometimes it’s about the skiing.” Every Friday in Sun Peaks a group of devoted individuals take to the hill for some friendly downhill competitions, combining their love of skiing and their itch to win, in the Friday Race Series … [Read more...]

Ringing in the Chinese New Year


With hopes of bringing diversity to the Sun Peaks community while catering to an already satisfied market, Sun Peaks Resort Corporation (SPRC) will be celebrating the Chinese New Year on Friday, January 31 and Saturday, February 1. With consultation from local and regional Chinese communities, SPRC has scheduled a weekend filled with traditional … [Read more...]

From crew to career

LSL crew members admire the view from their jump, Elevators. 
Photo: James McLeod.

Local film company, LSL Productions, has been expanding their reach in the Sun Peaks community. Born out of the repair shop located in Sun Peaks Resort’s staff accommodations building, Little Shuswap Lodge, the LSL crew began as a small joke between friends Andrew Paul and Scott Stevens. “We made stickers to pretend we were sponsored by the … [Read more...]

What’s new on the slopes for 2014

A shiny new Piston Bully 400 snowcat is one of Sun Peaks Resort’s capital investments for the 2013-14 winter season.

It’s a fine balance maintaining the spirit of a resort, while keeping up with current and necessary change. Over the years Sun Peaks Resort Corporation (SPRC) has seen its flurries of development, balanced by periods of stability. Major capital projects, such as new chairlifts, have been delayed from the Master Development Plan (MDP) recently, … [Read more...]