Global working-holiday investigation hits Sun Peaks

Village walkway (5)

An Australian based working-holiday company, The Global Work and Travel Company (Global) is being investigated by the Queensland Department of Attorney General and Justice, following multiple claims of misleading customers. Since allegations against Global became public in early November, SPIN has been in contact with more than a dozen past and … [Read more...]

Shift into winter tires

Winter Tires

Despite new signage this year, there’s still some confusion surrounding winter tires, particularly for newcomers to Sun Peaks. Ingrid Brakop, road safety coordinator for ICBC, said while the legislation hasn’t changed, the new signage was meant to provide some clarity to drivers. Brakop said a winter tire must possess either M+S markings (for … [Read more...]

Accom Wanted – Four walls, roof, floor ASAP


25 yr old Aussie looking for four walls, roof, floor ASAP. Quiet, tidy and respectful. Love trashy tv and movies? Great. I'll bring the beer and popcorn, or we can go out for drinks, snowboard, or sit in complete silence. It's up to you. Willing to carry you at least halfway through the door if you pass out in the snow. Msg or phone me … [Read more...]