WAZU brings metal, synths and a heavy dose of the 80s

Wherever this new wave ‘80s-tinged music trend came from, hopefully it sticks around for a while. If you loved Bowie and Depeche Mode from the ‘80s spun with a hint of Nine Inch Nails, layered over some metal undertones you’ll love WAZU. WAZU comprises Matt and Rizz, two Australian ex-pats currently situated in New York City, but making waves all over North America and Europe. The two reportedly met at a … [Read more...]

Old Man Luedecke fun for folk fans

On a chilly autumn day there’s nothing better than curling up on the couch and plunging into a good folk album. Old Man Luedecke’s Tender is the Night is the perfect accompaniment to a warm fireplace and a hot whiskey. Old Man Luedecke, who is really Chris Luedecke and not that old, is a folk artist from Chester, Nova Scotia. A Juno Award-winning musician, Old Man Luedecke has been pleasing fans coast to coast, … [Read more...]

911, a texting “don’t”

Although some would ask why anyone would choose to text message a 9-1-1 emergency call, this choice may present itself as logical to someone lost in the bush, or to a disoriented out-of-bounds skier. Often, there isn’t enough cellular strength to make a phone call, yet there is enough to send a text. However, the RCMP would like to remind residents and visitors to the Southeast District that 9-1-1 emergency calls … [Read more...]

Economic sustainability strategy on the table

Resort Municipality is working on an economic sustainability strategy, a project that represents one of three parts that will form the backbone of the municipality’s Official Community Plan. The other two components to be addressed are environmental and social sustainability. “We want to get at the principles that will lead us to a healthy sustainable economy,” explains Sun Peaks’ mayor, Al Raine. “When we get … [Read more...]

New taste hits town

The palates of Sun Peaks diners will experience a different taste this winter with the opening of a new Japanese restaurant, Domo Sun Peaks. Paul Lee, owner of Oya Japanese Restaurant in Kamloops has purchased the Servus on Creekside location from long-time Sun Peaks residents Karl and Elizabeth Buchegger. “It’s been a great 16 years for us,” said Karl. “We would like to thank everyone that came to Servus over … [Read more...]