Celebrating Sulzle’s exhibit, Available Light

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Available light — it’s the light that’s around us, the light a photographer can rely (or gamble) on without additional equipment. And, it’s the name of wildlife photographer Peter Sulzle’s upcoming exhibit at the Wilson House Gallery in North Kamloops. “I thought the name would be appropriate due to the fact that I never use artificial light or … [Read more...]

The five P’s to better nature photographs

Mountain bluebird

Wildlife and nature photography is often very rewarding but it does hold many challenges. Here’s a list of the five P’s of photography that can help you improve your images. You can find a few versions of this list if you do a little online research, but few relate directly to the nature photographer and often exclude one or two or the P’s I’ll … [Read more...]

Just relax and enjoy nature


When I first began taking wildlife photographs, I remember being disappointed when I failed to capture anything with the camera. There was a time when I felt like leaving photography behind and moving on to some other pastime until I realized it wasn’t always about getting the picture, but more about experiencing nature and learning from … [Read more...]