Nine eagles killed — public’s assistance requested to catch those responsible

bald eagle

The Conservation Officer Service is requesting the public's assistance in their investigation into the illegal killing of nine eagles in the Kamloops area. Eight Bald Eagles and one Golden Eagle were found in March with their heads, feet, tail feathers and wings removed. The eagle carcasses were discovered in a ditch near a well-used public road. Under the Wildlife Act, it is an offence to possess, take, … [Read more...]

Get started with close-ups


If you’ve read my past columns you’ll know that I’m in love with wildlife especially the big subjects like deer, bear and sheep. It’s a huge thrill to be able to shoot these creatures with the camera but the truth is finding these animals doesn’t happen every day. So, it’s nice to have another photographic interest during those down times. This month I’d like to get you thinking about close-up nature … [Read more...]

Photo workshop or tour, what’s right for you?

bear for spin

There are a lot of very talented wildlife, landscape and photographers in Canada who are offering photography workshops and tours. Many photographers offering these outings are very passionate, professional and knowledgeable individuals. Our job as potential clients is to find the best tour or workshop to sign up for.  So what’s the difference between a workshop and a tour? Well, a photo tour is more often than … [Read more...]

The five P’s to better nature photographs

Mountain bluebird

Wildlife and nature photography is often very rewarding but it does hold many challenges. Here’s a list of the five P’s of photography that can help you improve your images. You can find a few versions of this list if you do a little online research, but few relate directly to the nature photographer and often exclude one or two or the P’s I’ll share with you this month. Passion Like many things in life, … [Read more...]

Discover Photomatix


This month I’d like to introduce you to a really fun, creative and exciting computer program called Photomatix Essentials 3 that will help you control the exposure levels in your images. This stand-alone program available for Windows and Mac OS X can be purchased for $39 US which is a small investment when you start processing your digital photographs as high dynamic range (HDR) images. If $39 is still a little out … [Read more...]