Hit and miss season for local business

Rocky Mtn Chocolate

Uneven weather for the winter season has translated to uneven sales for local businesses in Sun Peaks. While Vertical Café recorded their busiest season yet, others were disappointed by a lack of visitors. Shannon Gadsby, owner of Vertical Café, speculated that Sun Peaks’ consistent snow coverage and poor conditions elsewhere had led to a boost for her café. “It’s been a great season. It’s been our biggest … [Read more...]

Mountain shows resiliency in a tough season

Harry Bear

As the 2014-15 winter season draws to a close, SPIN sat down with Sun Peaks Resort Corporation’s mountain operations manager, Jamie Tattersfield, to chat about the highs and lows of an unusual winter across B.C. “Heading into the season, we had high hopes. We were firmly established as the second largest ski resort in Canada thanks to our boundary changes,” Tattersfield said. “Every department was working well and … [Read more...]

Shift into winter tires

Winter Tires

Despite new signage this year, there’s still some confusion surrounding winter tires, particularly for newcomers to Sun Peaks. Ingrid Brakop, road safety coordinator for ICBC, said while the legislation hasn’t changed, the new signage was meant to provide some clarity to drivers. Brakop said a winter tire must possess either M+S markings (for mud and snow) or an image of a snowflake inside a mountain peak. The … [Read more...]

Bringing the flow up to speed for winter operations


Sun Peaks Utilities are keeping busy as they prepare for another busy winter season. Pat Miller, director of Sun Peaks Utilities, said there were a number of things left to do to get Sun Peaks in top shape to handle the sharp increase in residents and visitors in the coming months. Maintenance and an audit of the water plant are at the top of the list. As well as cleaning and replacing water filters, the … [Read more...]

All mountains set for opening Thursday

Chairlift (2)

All three mountains, and all Nordic trails, are scheduled to open on Thursday, Nov. 27, just in time for the U.S. Thanksgiving weekend. Sun Peaks received over 10 centimetres of new snow overnight, and another 15 cm is forecast over the next two days. Mid-mountain is expected to have an 80 cm base, which will result in good early season coverage on many ski runs. Jamie Tattersfield, mountain operations manager … [Read more...]