Taking the first steps to riding park

Participants in last year’s camp. Photo. Sun Peaks Resort LLP.

The terrain park is a place of progression and a refuge for those looking to push their skills and ride with like-minded individuals. It’s also one of the most intimidating spots to step into on the mountain, nestled just under the Sundance chairlift for anyone heading up to see what skills you’re working on.

Recognizing the intimidating nature of terrain parks for female snowboarders, Snowboard Canada and Sun Peaks Resort LLP have partnered to bring the Sun Peaks Elleboard Ride Days Camp back for the third year on Sunday, March 3.

“Park is intimidating if you just look at it from outside,” said Maria Morgan, Elleboard Ride Days coach. “All we want to do is go out and have fun. If we can get girls stoked on riding park even if it’s the smallest thing then great we did our job, you got a fun day out of it.”

 The camp focuses on having fun and progressing, whether you’re looking to learn new skills or improve ones you already have. Designed for female snowboarders of all skill levels, the hope is by the end of the day participants are more confident and enjoyed their time.

“It’s just a day to hang out with girls and ride park. That doesn’t happen much, especially this year there are fewer girls than I’ve ever seen in the park,” said Morgan.

Having been a participant in the camp for the past two years she said it’s a great day to come and get support and feel empowered by other women.

“You can get more competitive when you’re riding with females versus when you ride with guys. A lot of the time people tend to be ‘oh I just can’t do it (because) it’s a different physique,’ versus when you ride with girls you get really competitive so if someone does something you got to step it up and do it as well.”

The camp runs 8 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. and is open to female snowboarders of all ages and ability levels.