Taking to the streets

Over 45 competitors took part in the Bowl Bash Rail Jam. SPIN Photo.

“It’s a matter of being creative, dodging bylaw, making sure property owners are okay with it and having snow at the same time,” said Liam Hallderiike, film editor and member of the Put it in the Bowl crew,  whose new edit premiered on Saturday following the season’s first rail jam.

Progressing past what local terrain parks could offer a group of snowboarders have formed what can only be described as a street crew. The crew debuted their first feature film, Uno Mas, at Masa’s Bar + Grill.

Having produced a variety of short videos of their snowboarding pursuits, the group of nine (including six featured riders and a few friends) set out to produce the 25 minute film.

“I think I said it once and everyone was like ‘ah yeah let’s make a movie.’ Three, four months later in the middle of winter, cool alright we’re making a movie,” said Hallderijke. “People got hurt, it got pretty gnarly there, but the result is something I’m really happy with it.”

Featured rider Geremy Guido said once you progress as far as you can go on the mountain there’s only one way to go and that’s getting creative.

“I guess the streets is the only way to do that,” said Guido.

Relying on creativity the crew took to the streets of Kamloops, using a winch so they weren’t limited to hills to push the limit when it came to tricks.

“There’s not much room for error, anything goes wrong there’s nowhere for people to go. It’s insanely precise. When you see a video of people doing it you don’t see the three hours of trying that went into the one clip they got,” said Hallderijke. “They make it look really easy.”

Both Hallderijke and Guido agreed the style of riding has made them look at things differently adding they’re always looking for new spots.

“You need a run in, you need to get speed, and then you need a landing which isn’t onto a road usually because there’s cars on roads,” explained Hallderijke.

Wanting to do more than just a film premiere the crew decided to host their first event, an open rail jam, on the beginner area at Sun Peaks to prelude the film.

“We wanted to do a rail jam at Sun Peaks because this is where our home mountain is, this is where we started. We thought it’d be something cool to start off the season and bring something to Sun Peaks that they’ve never really had before,” said Guido.

“It’s after the mountain closes so figured something for people to do after they’re done riding and then just tag along straight into the premiere right after,” he said.

The open jam format had 46 competitors ride under the lights and showcase their skills.