Teach your children well

On StrikeAs someone that doesn’t have children, I’ve quietly sat on the sidelines and watched the B.C. Government and the BC Teachers federation (BCTF) have one dispute after another, leading to continued strike action, cancelled classes, no school sports or report cards and more. While I certainly don’t profess to understand all the issues at hand with the current dispute between the B.C. Liberals and the BCTF, I do understand that, in the end, it’s mostly the students and their parents who suffer as the two sides continue to battle.

Is this really about the kids anymore? Or is this dispute more about the leaders of the teachers’ union waging a war against, what’s seen as an evil, tyrannical government; and the government being adamant about not cracking under the pressure and giving in to the union’s demands?

Every teacher I‘ve ever met goes into the teaching profession with noble intent and a true desire to make a difference in the lives of the children they teach and allow the students to grow, learn and go on to be valuable, contributing members of society. So, where did we go wrong?

When will both sides realize that the only ones being hurt are the children of this province and their parents who may once again be scrambling to adjust work schedules, daycare, carpools, babysitters and of course stretched finances and household budgets?

To an outsider, this dispute seems to be  more about standing ones ground than about looking at ways to fix an education system that, obviously, no longer functions under the current model. Which side will finally take the higher road and say “enough is enough let’s get back to teaching the children of this province?”

Sadly, now that everyone had a great summer off, it’s time to once again start this ridiculous battle all over.

My teachers, way back when, never cancelled extracurricular sports, field trips or weeks of school, in an effort to sway an unfriendly government. The government set the curriculum for the schools, the teachers taught the kids and got paid fairly for it and the students either passed or failed the classes they were taught. Some kids went on to university, others to college and the rest entered the workforce.

Child education should be about learning and giving them the knowledge necessary to go forth into the world as productive adults. Obviously, those in Victoria and currently leading the BCTF, failed to grasp the basics, as they’re all acting like a bunch of schoolyard bullies that won’t give up the ball. Grow up and get on with teaching the children of this great province, so we all will have a brighter future.