Temporary staff housing nears completion

Sun Peaks’ newest staff accommodation, located next to the two existing staff housing buildings, is nearing completion. . Fifty staff members will have their own bedroom with a television and personal heating control during their time working at the resort. The living area, kitchen and bathrooms will be shared by all residents.

Darcy Alexander, vice-president and general manager of Sun Peaks Resort LLP (SPR), said the project was able to connect to existing utilities at the other staff accommodation sites. He added it was a temporary solution until permanent solutions can be found and there is still work to be completed such as connection to hydro and carpeting.

After completion Alexander said he was not opposed to landscaping around the site to conceal the building but believed snow will help obscure the view of the site at the entrance to the resort.

Alexander said he envisions staff housing spread throughout the village in the future and the resort working with the municipality and community to create a solution to provide more long-term employee housing.

The new building will be used for three years while other options are examined and implemented.

The lot is currently in the rezoning process to allow the temporary site to receive its occupancy permit and then physically house staff. A public hearing will take place at the Sun Peaks council meeting Nov. 21 at 7 p.m.

1. A typical bedroom in the new building.










2. The television, fridge and closet area in each room.














3. Locking, single bathrooms with a shower, sink and toilet will be shared by residents.









4. The common living area.










5. The shared kitchen space.









  1. Am I seeing this correctly? There are fifty people being housed there and yet there is a single mens bathroom and a single female bathroom to share between all residents? How does that work?

  2. Hello,

    There will be seven or eight bathrooms that each have a private sink, toilet and shower shared between the 50 residents.

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