Tennis potential considered

TennisThe potential to start a Sun Peaks tennis club is being considered, according to Sun Peaks Resort LLP (SPR) sports director Vincent Lafontaine.

“If there’s interest I’d love to see it happen someday,” he said. “We only have the two courts, but I think we could manage a fun weekend tournament.”

Lafontaine said SPR is focusing more strongly on their tennis program this year, with a range of clinics and tennis camps starting in June.

“I play a lot of tennis in Kamloops, and the coaches there are some of the best in B.C. We’re really lucky to have them coming up to Sun Peaks to run clinics up here.”

Lafontaine said junior and adult clinics will be held every Friday in June, and junior two-day camps are scheduled for the weekends of July 9 and 10 and July 23 and 24.

Very young players will benefit from a mini-tennis set-up during the clinics, which features smaller nets, and easier to use racquets and balls to help children pick up the game more easily.

“We’ve had good success in the past with tennis but I’d like to grow it,” Lafontaine said.

“We’re always looking for something else we can provide for children and families in Sun Peaks.”

Lafontaine said anyone interested in helping to form a Sun Peaks tennis club or hold a friendly tournament should contact him by email: