General Policies

Advertisers and their agents assume complete liability for all content, including text, representation and illustration of ads and all responsibility for any claims arising therefrom.
Sun Peaks News will not be held liable for any damages to, or any damages incurred by, advertisers as a result of published print ads and will not be held responsible for any costs or reimbursements  incurred by advertisers or their clients as a result of misrepresentative advertising.
The liability of the Publisher for damage arising from errors in advertisements or non-insertion of any advertisements is limited to the amount paid for the space occupied by the portion of the advertisement where the error occurred.
The liability is limited whether such an error is due to the negligence of Sun Peaks News employees or otherwise.
The Publisher does not accept liability for any error or inaccuracy caused by the printers or printing of Sun Peaks News, beyond the amount actually paid for the advertisement.

Advertising Policy

Sun Peaks News reserves the right to refuse any ad or copy that it deems unsatisfactory. Sun Peaks News will not publish or create any offensive ad material.
Classifieds and Business Listings advertisements are pre-paid in full unless advertiser has an existing credit agreement with Sun Peaks News.
All advertising agreements must be in writing or electronic format.

Editorial Policy

Editorial is completely independent from advertising, no special editorial consideration or commitment of any kind will be authorized to form any part of a sale/advertising agreement.


Ads cannot be cancelled after booking deadline, all cancellations are subject to a penalty. Sun Peaks News is not responsible for pre-paid advertising not published due to delivery past deadline.

Terms of Payment

Invoices/statements are issued on distribution date. Client must provide credit card number as security. Any accounts past 30 days will be automatically processed on credit card to avoid late fees. Declined credit card transactions or cheques will be charged $25 per transaction. An additional 2% will be charged to accounts over 30 days. Advertisers in payment default over 90 days will be denied any advertising space until account is paid in full.