Thanks given to helpers

In early November, I was involved in car crash while driving to Kamloops. At the time, I was only a few kilometres out of the Sun Peaks village. Unfortunately, given the time of year, the melting and freezing of snow had left the road slick with ice. I slid on the ice, ultimately sliding off the left side of the road, with the passenger side of my vehicle landing on the ground, having fallen a reasonably large distance down a steep embankment.

I was, quite fortunately, uninjured. But, I was still stuck at the side of the road, attempting to climb the embankment. At this point, a car stopped, and a few people stepped out and offered to help. I regret not asking for their names, but I would like to extend a sincere thanks to them, for stopping to help when I most needed it, and for getting me back to the Fire Department.

I would also like to like the wonderful folks with Sun Peaks Fire and Rescue for all of their help in dealing with the immediate aftermath of the accident. Your help was greatly appreciated, and I will remember it.

Brennan Sorge

Sun Peaks, B.C.