The best of the Bike Park

With biking season in full swing, SPIN caught up with four local riders to get their suggestions on the best trails to hit this summer.

DSC_0186Leah Cockroft, Amateur: Ain’t No Scrubs

“I’ve only just started out, but Ain’t No Scrubs and Holy Rollers are awesome, although I cycle around some of the bigger jumps. To be honest, I love all the runs I’ve tried so far, except perhaps Lever Lovers. I found it hard because it’s pretty narrow.”



Brittany Riehl, Intermediate: Brittany Barn BurnerBarn Burner to Holy Rollers to Home Run

“It’s a flat out awesome run. It’s a fast fun blue run, with a lot of float compared to some of the more techy runs. Every once in a while you just need a fast run. Who doesn’t like speed?”




Will DH Will Rich, Advanced: DH

“I always get stoked to ride DH because you can hit it at any speed and it’s still amazing. That steep, dusty shoot near the bottom of the Elevation chairlift is my favourite. It’s the most out-of-control you can get while still being in control. It’s a great introduction to what Sun Peaks riding is all about. It’s steep and it’s a great way to scare yourself while having fun at the same time.”


Dylan “Shred Hard” Sherrard, Pro: Altitude to Sugar to Sweet One

“It’s almost impossible to pick a favourite line in Sun Peaks when you can choose so many amazing runs, but if I had to pick, I’d say taking Altitude XC out to Tod Lake, stopping for a picnic, then shredding back down Altitude into Sugar and Sweet One.

“It feels unreal. We are so lucky to have epic rides like that maintained in our backyard. I’m constantly finding new gaps in and out of turns and flicking my bike all over those trails. James Jefferies (Sun Peaks Bike Park coordinator) is making the whole Bike Park more fun to ride with rad turns and faster lines popping up all over the place, and this line is a prime example. Thanks James.”

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