The return of the snowbomber

The Funk Hunters are set to hit Sunset Carnival stage April 6. Photo supplied.

The Funk Hunters prepare to debut Typecast Album

Fresh off the release of their debut album Typecast, The Funk Hunters are preparing to bring a “blizzard of funky goodness” to the Coors Light Snowbombing stage April 5 to 9. The DJ duo comprised of Nick Middleton and Duncan Smith bring a fusion of old-school soul, funk and hip-hop to every performance.

“I think people often think we play just a certain type of music and we’ve always found ourselves as a pretty varied DJ and selectors and producers,” said Smith. “So with this album we definitely really wanted to showcase that and just share some music that we really love.”

Their album Typecast has been 10 years in the making, working with many artists such as Dynamite MC, Leo Napier, WANZ and more.

“We definitely have individual roles. My partner, Nick, he’s definitely the producer and mix engineer for this album. I take more of a bigger role in our live shows, just in terms as DJ and also as a visual artist. I make a lot of custom video content that we have playing in sync with our music, as we perform, as well as like DJ mixes,” he said.

Having been creating music together for over a decade, Smith said the duo collaborate closely and work together on almost everything but also like to focus on their own strengths.

“We DJ together and we do a lot of live mashups or routines on stage that would be a lot harder for one DJ to do. I think it’s just really a lot of fun. That’s the nature of collaboration is putting two different pieces of the puzzle together to make something bigger than any one individual can maybe do,” said Smith.

Having performed at Coors Light Snowbombing Canada 2017, The Funk Hunters are looking forward to continuing their hunt for the illusive snowbomber.

We went to Snowbombing Canada with one mission… to find the original Snowbomber!🎥: MykroFilm

Posted by The Funk Hunters on Thursday, April 13, 2017

“I think we’ve kind of invented a mythical creature who exists only at Snowbombing and we’re actually going to come back and be part two. It’s going to be return of the snowbomber,” said Smith.

Looking back at last year’s set, Smith said it was definitely a hit and they want to do it again with their new music and other current songs.

“We weren’t really too sure what to expect last year and I think it definitely exceeded all of our expectations. Just kind of having a festival take over a small little ski village like Sun Peaks is just so cool,” he said. “The way they have utilized the space to create unique venues such as the underground and some of the outdoor stages I think was really awesome.”

The duo will hit the Sunset Carnival stage April 6 delivering a collaborative visual experience unlike any other.