This year has been exceptional for Sun Peaks and we’ve been honoured to document it in SPIN to share news as it happens and keep our history available for years to come.

Each month and each issue we covered a huge variety of topics, from drawing attention to serious issues, to spreading awareness, to lighthearted pieces. We’ve loved every story we’ve published. 

We looked back on the year and pulled the top five stories, according to your engagement and reach on Facebook. What else do you think should make the list? 

The continued search for Ryan Shtuka

A candle light vigil for missing resident Ryan Shtuka was held in front of the Village Day Lodge Feb. 22. SPIN Photo

From the day Ryan Shtuka disappeared from Sun Peaks in 2018 we’ve brought you the latest information on the search. In January readers were moved by our story “A year without answers” on the one year anniversary of Shtuka’s disappearance. The article told the story of his then roommate, the impact on his family and updates on search efforts. 

Sun Peaks Fire Rescue rescues a kitten in a tree

Sun Peaks Fire Rescue saved the cat in Whitecroft. Photo SPIN

Sun Peaks Fire Rescue had their busiest year on record, but the story that captured our readers the most was when their crew responded to a kitten who had been stuck in a tree in Whitecroft for more than a day. The ladder truck was used to bring Ivy the cat back down to her family without incident. 

Local kids camp out for first chair 

The spirit of skiing was alive and well when Charlie Roberts, Morgan Franklin and Mastin Hooper set up a tent at the base of the Sunburst Chairlift at noon the day before the mountain opened. 

After a long, cold night without much sleep the three boys caught first chair of the season with a spot left open for a friend who couldn’t be there. 

Skate Park gains momentum 

Peter Wilson and SPSPF are working to shift the culture in Sun Peaks. Photo SPIN

The stoke was real when our feature story on the Sun Peaks Skate Park Foundation (SPSPF) was published. All ages and types were into the idea of a skate park in our community and supported the work being done by SPSPF. 

This year the group surpassed a major fundraising goal and will be able to begin design and geotechnical work. 

The Magic Cattle Guard opens

Marty Ciesiolka will open the Magic Cattle Guard this month. Photo SPIN

Sun Peaks showed their love of Marty Ciesiolka and going out this winter when they blew up our story on the opening of the Magic Cattle Guard, which Ciesiolka is managing. 

The retro-themed bar in Peaks West opened Christmas Eve and has been filled with locals and guests since. 

Not only did it mean another spot to hang out in the village, it marked a big step in the growth of the West Village.