Think, shop, buy Sun Peaks

FarmersMktWe’ve all heard of the 100-mile diet and other such initiatives that are geared towards making people think about where their daily food comes from. Now many people wouldn’t think to buy fruits or vegetables they didn’t know the source of or didn’t come from their community. They’d never deign to buy something like a mandarin orange that’s travelled the globe to get here.

Well, the same can be said for relatively new movements such as Think, Shop, Buy Local or Independent We Stand. Members of these groups, and in many cases whole communities, buy everything they need for their daily lives locally from small businesses. They’ve begun the “support mom and pop’s shop” craze, if you will.

For those of us who live and work in Sun Peaks this way of life is on the tip of our tongues already as many of us shop and spend money at the local shops, bars and restaurants in our daily routines. But now, more than ever, is the time for all of us to walk the walk and talk the talk. Like any small business in Sun Peaks, SPIN Newsmagazine would “stop the presses” if it wasn’t for the support of local businesses, in this case advertising their services and wares. And, the same can be said on the flip-side; most small businesses in Sun Peaks rely on the locals’ business to make it through the shoulder seasons and, for that matter, through the busy ones too.

A perfect example of this is the Farmers’ Market held each Sunday from June 30 to September. Here you have local and regional vendors hawking their various wares to tourists and locals alike, trying to eke out a simple living each week while adding much needed animation and colour to the Sun Peaks village core. Not only do people shop the market but it also drives traffic to the local businesses each week.

This summer it’s paramount that the people who call Sun Peaks home get out and support these skillful and crafty entrepreneurs as without them here you might as well call it “Sleepy Sunday at Sun Peaks.” The reality is, folks, that we now have competition for this valuable entity as the BC Wildlife Park is running a rival Farmers’ Market on Sundays and another one has been added to the downtown Kamloops roster on Saturdays. This means, plain and simple, that if the farmers’ market vendors at Sun Peaks don’t have locals and tourists shopping and spending money at their booths this summer, you can kiss this one goodbye next year.

Get out each Sunday this summer and support your farmers’ market. Buy your Christmas gifts in July, flowers for your partner every week, a necklace for your daughter, or a fresh piece of wild salmon or beef for dinner. The time for change is now, and like all small businesses that operate at Sun Peaks, every penny counts. Think, shop, buy Sun Peaks.