Thompson runs for school trustee

Thompson’s name will be on the ballot come October. Photo SPIN.

Sun Peaks’ resident Caroline Thompson is putting her name forward for trustee for area four of School District 73.

The mother of two works as a research consultant and said she decided to run in hopes of working collaboratively with others in the district to better all schools.

“I felt quite compelled and inspired to run knowing there are a lot of amazing plans coming through on the capital plan,” she said. “I’m passionate about public service and want to make a difference.

“My running is based on wanting to be involved in some of the great plans and wanting to be a collective voice for not just our community but all of the schools. What I’m truly passionate about is giving all children the resources and tools they need to be able to succeed and the motivation through school to know that anything is possible.”

Thompson said she has seen first hand the uniqueness of schools in areas like Sun Peaks and Chase and also added she too was raised in a small community.

She said she would like to look at the opportunity to link childcare and elementary school to begin teaching important skills earlier, promoting physical education and involving parents in other learning areas.

“I’m not naive to the very real challenges involved,” she said. “Collaboration is a strength… as a collective group it’s much easier.”

The election takes place alongside the municipal election in October.