Tight & Bright lights up the night with legendary U.K. DJ Featurecast

GETTING THE PARTY STARTED: : Featurecast is one of many DJs to visit The Club this season. - Photo by Adam Nicolas
GETTING THE PARTY STARTED: : Featurecast is one of many DJs to visit The Club this season. – Photo by Adam Buller

The Club matched the heavy early-season snowfall with a heavy early-season party where they welcomed international touring UK funk legend Featurecast to the stage for his debut showcase in Sun Peaks on Saturday, Dec. 5. He’s a globe-trotting institution in dance music who’s been spinning since the 90’s. I had an opportunity to chat with Featurecast about his first time here on the mountain and this is what he had to say:

SPIN- Thanks for taking some to chat with me today and to ask you a few questions about your first Sun Peaks experience. So what did
you think?

FC- Really enjoyed it out here. It was my first time but the party was great, the people were great and it was an awesome venue!

SPIN- You’re on a pretty hefty Canadian mountain town tour at the moment. We’re sincerely happy we got to have you play for us here on the mountain. Do you enjoy touring the mountain towns in winter?

FC- Yes, I love it… although I’m probably one of the only DJs that doesn’t snowboard or ski (laughs), but I love being in the snow. We are lucky to get a few weeks of snowfall where I live in Southampton (U.K.) so it’s a bit of a treat for me. I love the serenity of being up in the mountains, it’s a good time to chill. I’ve had a few days off here so it’s been great to relax before I hit the road again and finish off the last run of shows.

SPIN- Where are some of your favourite mountain towns to play on this run or are they all pretty unique?

FC- I’d say Whistler is my favourite. As I said, I don’t ski or board and there’s so much to do up there. I’ve pretty much played there every time I’ve toured Western Canada (except for this tour). I also enjoyed Big White which I toured last year.

SPIN- Should we expect to see you back in Sun Peaks in the future?

FC- Sun Peaks has also been on my radar and walking around the last couple of days and taking it all in has been fantastic. Hopefully I’ll get to come back next year.

The Club has some serious talent booked in the basement for this winter. Stay up to speed on what’s happening this winter at www.facebook.com/theclubatsunpeaks.