The new owners of Tod Mountain Cafe have started roasting their own beans to make custom brews. Photo supplied

Meagan Mason and her husband Ryan purchased Tod Mountain Café one and a half years ago.

They fell in love with Sun Peaks after moving to Kamloops, B.C. from the prairies six years ago.

“One of the first places we checked out was Sun Peaks. It has a really special vibe; stress just melts off when you’re up there.”

They knew right away they wanted to focus on local vendors and products.

But when looking for a local coffee supplier the couple came up short. That’s when they decided to get into the business of roasting their own, despite each having other jobs and no coffee creating experience.

The found a roaster in the summer of 2017 and began to roast their own coffee in Kamloops under the name Twisted Goat Coffee. The name was inspired by the tale of coffee being discovered when goats ate berries in Ethiopia drawing the attention of farmers who began to brew the berries for their own consumption.

Finding the perfect blends took time and it was until just before Christmas 2017 they felt ready to present it to the world in the café.

“In the first month I had never drank so much coffee in my life,” she said. “I found the science and technology side very interesting.”

In the end they settled on three blends, all named to reflect Sun Peaks and its mountain culture.

Lone Fir is a medium roast with beans from Nicaragua and Sumatra with elements of dark chocolate, plum and walnut. Bushwhacker is a dark roast from Guatemala and Nicaragua and  Tighten Yer Boots is an espresso with beans from Colombia, Guatemala and Sumatra with flavours of vanilla, hot chocolate and almond.

Mason said they’ve become passionate about roasting and the profiles that are unique to each roaster. With their new education they will be attending the Kamloops Farmers’ Market and the Sun Peaks Market Day to sell bags of beans branded under Tod Mountain Coffee and give tastings using different brewing methods.

“We’ll do pour overs and french presses to taste the different flavour profiles. Some blends taste different based on how they’re brewed.”

Depending on interest and how the market education is received Mason said they are interested in hosting workshops at the cafè to teach more about cupping, brewing methods, single origins and more.

“So far it’s been great, we’ve got some really nice compliments…we want to be more a part (of Sun Peaks), we want people to come say hello at the markets.”

For more information about future workshops contact Megan or Ryan at