TNRD implements money saving tweaks at Heffley landfill

Some minor changes have been proposed for the Sun Peaks Transfer Station and Heffley Creek Eco Depot.

As part of the Thompson-Nicola Regional District (TNRD) draft solid waste management plan, the TNRD has outlined two key changes for the garbage drop off sites that service Sun Peaks and the surrounding area.

The report recommended the Heffley Creek Landfill be used only for construction and demolition materials as of 2018.

It would still be open to collect household waste or municipal solid waste, but rather than keeping it on site it would be transported to other landfills in the TNRD.

The TNRD estimates the change would save about $106,000 annually. It would also reduce the space used in the landfill, extending its life and giving the TNRD more time to save and plan for when it’s filled.

The report also suggested a study be conducted on the management of organic waste at Sun Peaks. It’s believed the report would cost $15,000.

The changes would not impact how Sun Peaks residents dispose of waste. Anyone with feedback can complete a survey at or view the report in its entirety on the
same site.




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