Tom Green shreds pow and slays audiences

Green entertains a crowd during a stand up routine. | PHOTO supplied

Though much of his career is grounded in television, film, internet and radio—comedian Tom Green’s Snow Jam Comedy and Hip Hop Tour is a return to his comedy roots.

Canadian-born Green has a soft-spot for B.C.; the trip, referred to as “part road trip, part action-sports documentary, part travel show, part hip-hop rock and roll pandemonium” is certain to be a memorable tour throughout the province. Green’s video crew will be capturing all the action and adventures in between performances.

Following stops in Vancouver, Victoria, Nelson, Fernie and Golden, Green will be performing at The Club in Sun Peaks on Friday Feb. 24.

An avid snowboarder, Green designed the tour so that he could ride each resort in between the much-anticipated sets.

“I’m going to be honest.” Green quipped. “Every year I miss out on winter. I just really needed an excuse to go snowboarding”.

Through collaborative efforts with friend and DJ Vinyl Richie, Green created a “comedy, hip hop, snowboard hybrid—a combination of things I love.”

Amid the multi-media extravaganza packed with stand-up hysteria and some seriously sick beats, Green will be dropping details about a “secret shredding location.” If you’ve ever dreamed of a wintery rendezvous with Tom Green, consider this ticked off your
bucket list.

Currently at work on a new album, Green is already looking ahead to future Snow Jams.
“I want to make it an annual event, with new musical guests each year.”

In the meantime, he’s following this trip with a European tour.

“I’ve got great fans around the world, they’ve responded well to these shows.”
Green was first known for The Tom Green Show, which originated on public access programming in 1994. The stunt-driven talk show, offered all kinds of ridiculous antics, many of which were at the expense of his parent’s sanity.

“They were legitimately upset, but they got the joke the once the shock wore off,” Green recalled. “They wanted to support my dream.”

The show was picked up by MTV in 1999, catapulting the comedian into mainstream media. The timing of the show had Green on the cusp of a major shift in television programming, spawning a generation of copy cats.

“It was a lot of fun at the time, but now it’s a standard format. You’ve got to move on to stay ahead of the curve.”

He’s appeared in the films Stealing Harvard, Road Trip and Charlie’s Angels, with Drew Barrymore, whom he was briefly married to. He wrote, directed and starred in Freddy Got Fingered, which earned him a whopping five Razzie awards for worst actor, director and screenplay. True to form, tuxedo clad Green accepted the accolades in person.

“We live in a hater society, it was just this rinky dink event, so I wanted to have a little fun with it.”

Green has had a remarkable career spanning the entertainment gamut. He was part of rap group Organized Rhyme; their single “Check the O.R.” was nominated for a Juno in 1993.
He’s hosted Saturday Night Live, guest-hosted The Late Show with David Letterman, was featured on the cover of Rolling Stone, and was fired by Donald Trump on Celebrity Apprentice.

Green’s impressions of the newly elected President are sure to be up for discussion. Green’s comedy style has evolved from controversial to a thought provoking assessment of corporate culture, surveillance society, social media, government and technology. Green flatly refuses to pick on “the little guy” or spin comedy from the plight of marginalized factions.

“I’m proud to have been able to keep going for this long. I’ve gotten a lot of support from Canada, and it’s always great to come back here.”

Doors open at 6:30 p.m., show starts at 8 p.m.

Tickets can be purchased in advance from Guest Services for $35 or at the door for $40.
Visit for event details.