Towers on the way for Orient chairlift

Crews are awaiting materials for the installation of 14 towers. SPIN Photo.

“These last two weeks of high pressure have been a god send from a construction standpoint,” said Erik Meertens, Sun Peaks Resort LLP (SPR) mountain operations manager.

Hampered by a wet spring and early snowfall in September, construction on the new Orient Quad chairlift is well on its way to meeting its mid-december opening date thanks to a warmer October.

“We’ve been able to complete the final grading, get all our signs in and everything right now is ready for frost or snow,” he said.

Focusing on completing the final grading crews have been working to place drainage structures at the top of the lift and along the new upper addition to Czesc to manage spring run off.

“You can’t change mother nature or where water wants to go it’s going where it wants to go. From an environmental standpoint we have to be very careful with trying to adjust that’s a natural water course,” explained Erik.

At the base of the lift construction has continued on with  the Umbrella Cafe and bathrooms have being placed in their new location just east of their original location right below the Nordic Centre. Crews are now awaiting the arrival of  lower and upper stations and are turning their attention to the next phase of the project, the installation of the 14 lift towers.

Choosing to utilize a helicopter for installation of the towers, Erik anticipates the process will take a day to complete.

“It’s just that much quicker. We anticipate once everything’s here parts are here, equipment is here we may be able to fly all the towers in a day,” he stated

“All of a sudden it’s going to look like a chairlift.”