Trail association continues to grow

Annual meeting sees largest ever turnout

Attendees at the AGM. Photo supplied.

Sun Peaks Recreational Trail Association (SPRTA) held their annual general meeting Aug. 28 with 55 people, their largest crowd to date.

The meeting was chaired by SPRTA president Jase Petersen, vice president Mike Sleziak and board member Meghan Kolodka and facilitated by Aidan Kelly of Sun Peaks Resort LLP (SPR).

Petersen said he was excited about the momentum.

“I was super excited to see such strong support for SPRTA. The fact that over 50 people came to the meeting demonstrates that there is a passionate, engaged, and growing community of bikers in Sun Peaks and we can’t wait to harness that energy to build something special here over the next few years.”

Attendees heard about SPRTA’s accomplishments in the last few years including the creation of the master plan, initiated by Barney Mouat, outside operations director for SPR and other planning work alongside SPR.

Looking to the future they planned for the cross country trails included in the master plan, and presented new board and membership structures. The meeting also covered how the current cross country trails could be better maintained or improved and insurance requirements for the organization.

Members also discussed past fundraising activities including this summer’s High Five Day which raised $4,293 and learned SPRTA is strong financially with $24,000 in available funds.

Now SPRTA is focusing on work with SPR to finalize an insurance policy and appointing a full board to guide members.

Petersen said he is grateful for the support from community members.

“I want to say thank you to everyone who attended the meeting, as well as to everyone who has supported SPRTA since it was founded. With all this momentum behind us there’s exciting times ahead for mountain biking in Sun Peaks!”