Trusting your gut

Haley Petznick will host the event teaching how your gut impacts other areas of your health. Photo supplied.

Wellness talk comes to Cahilty Lodge

Those interested in learning how the health of their gut can impact many areas of their life will have the opportunity to learn on June 1.

Hayley Petznick is a yoga instructor who has also studied kinesiology, sports nutrition, performance coaching and personal training.

This combined education has made her aware of how wellness is connected and made her believe that it comes from within.

“Our gut plays such a monumental role in our health, 90 per cent of disease is now being linked to the gut. I believe that it’s important to start with healing the gut whether it’s for general health, athletic performance, mental clarity, energy, mood or chronic illness.”

During her talk, “Wellness From Within – Trust Your Gut,” Petznick will teach the importance of gut health and answer questions.

She lived at Sun Peaks for four years where she began her journey as a yoga instructor.

“I’m really excited to bring this knowledge to the community up there.  Everyone is welcome to attend, whether you have specific health concern or are just looking to improve your quality of life.”

The talk will take place at 6 p.m. at the Cahilty Lodge nd tickets are $20 at the door.